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Get Refurbished iPhone 3G for $49

Talk about cheap! AT&T's announcement over on Twitter reveals that the company is selling refurbished versions of Apple's iPhone 3G for a whopping $49. The official listing can be found here, showing that it's actually the black 8 GB model that costs $49; the refurbished 16 GB version (black or white) can be purchased for $99.

But don't let the cheap price fool you: consumers still need to sign up for a two-year plan. For the 8 GB model, the contract costs $99, however AT&T provides a $50 discount. Still, that's not a bad price for consumers looking to get the iPhone, but not necessarily interested in the newer model.

"Refurbished phones are previously owned devices that have been unused or lightly used and returned during the 30-day trial period. The product page reads. "Each refurbished phone is independently quality tested and loaded with the latest software to meet current factory standards. Some refurbished iPhone 3G devices will have minor scratches."