iPad 2 Launching Next Wednesday, March 2

There’s been a whole ton of rumored launch periods for the iPad 2. First, it was certainly coming in January. Then rumors point to the end of January. As January ebbed away and February came barreling around the corner, speculation turned to the first week of February. This week, analysts were saying it could be June before we see the device because of production problems. However, here we are, with March nearly upon us, and there’s no new iPad.

Well, if multiple sources speaking to All Things D are to be believed, next Wednesday, March 2, will be the day. Kara Swisher says the event will take place in San Francisco, likely at the usual Yerba Buena Center, next Wednesday and that several sources close to the situation say the date is firm.

Let the countdown begin.

UPDATE: Apple event confirmed to be on March 2!

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  • house70
    all the same to me, still waiting for the new Lenovo reviews.
  • sunflier
    If March 2nd is true then why buy 1st Gen iPad? Anyone notice "Best Offers" ad selling 1st gen iPads to the right of the article? If 2nd gen iPads are on the horizon then those prices still seem steep to me.

    >just sayin
  • chaoski
    March 2nd, Apple Hype is back on again. weeeeeeeeeee