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Apple's 'Do Not Disturb' Feature for iOS Malfunctions

It seems some iPhone and iPad users had a very peaceful start to their year after the 'Do Not Disturb' feature in iOS 6 malfunctioned. For those not aware, the 'Do Not Disturb' feature in iOS6 allows users to 'silence' their phone for incoming calls, texts, and other alerts (alarms will still go off) for a set amount of time. According to 9to5Mac, as of midnight on New Year's Eve, 'Do Not Disturb' wasn't turning off for many of the site's readers, which meant their phones stayed silent for a lot longer than they were supposed to.


The issue is easily fixed (all you have to do is manually disable and re-enable and you're good to go), but TGDaily reports that it persists today, January 2. Apple hasn't explained the bug or talked about a fix beyond the old 'switch it off and then on again.' What's more, the company actually started airing a new commercial highlighting 'Do Not Disturb' on New Year's Day. The ad features Venus and Serena Williams playing table tennis and a narrator explaining how much it would suck for his dream to be disturbed by a phone call. Check out the ad below, and let us know if you had a problem with 'Do Not Disturb' once the clock ticked over to 2013.

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