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Apple Reveals Details of iOS 6 at WWDC

Aside from announcing a Retina Display MacBook Pro and revealing that OS X Mountain Lion is coming to the Mac App Store next month, Apple also talked a lot about its mobile operating system at its World Wide Developer Conference earlier today. In fact, a lot of the keynote revolved around iOS 6. So, just what do we know about the next version of iOS? Quite a bit now, actually.


Apple is promising over 200 new features with iOS 6. The company didn't go through all 200 today at WWDC but it did break down a fistful of the more notable ones for us. This includes official confirmation that Apple is giving Google Maps the boot and going with its own proprietary software. This in turn means iOS users are getting Apple-designed cartography, turn-by-turn navigation and a new 'Flyover view' that offers 'photo-realistic interactive 3D views.' There's also real-time traffic information with an alternate routes feature, and local search for finding reviews and deals. 

iOS users also have Passbook to look forward to. This will allow you to use your iPhone or iPod touch to use coupons and tickets. The app will automatically display your passes on your device's lock screen based on a certain time or location. This means Passbook can bring up your loyalty card for your local coffee place when you arrive or notify you about gate changes at the airport.

Our favorite PA Siri is adding support for several new languages as well as the ability to find sports scores and make restaurant reservations. Additionally, she's getting social with the ability to update your Facebook or Twitter if you ask her to.

Similar to OS X Mountain Lion, Apple is giving iOS 6 Facebook integration, which lets you post from Notification Center as well as Siri and other Facebook-enabled apps, such as Photos, Safari and Maps. You'll also see details on your friends kept up to date across all devices and see recommendations (or 'Likes') from them in the App Store and iTunes.

Moving on from Facebook but staying with the 'sharing is caring' theme, iOS is also getting Shared Photo Streams. By selecting a group of photos and then people you want to share them with, iCloud will make sure the stream is shared with the selected contacts via their iOS device, their Mac via Aperature and iPhoto, or Apple TV.

iOS 6 will be available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this fall, which, according to rumors, is when Apple will be launching the iPhone 5. Wouldn't that make for a nice, tidy little bundle of a launch?

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