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iMuffs Maker: No Apple Deal; IP Still for Sale

Earlier in the week, rumors started doing the rounds that Apple had purchased Wi-Gear, the company responsible for making iMuffs, a Bluetooth headset for iOS devices. The evidence seemed pretty plausible: An anonymous source claiming Apple had bought a small Bluetooth headset company; Wi-Gear's site listing itself as out of business and unable to respond to queries; and lastly, one of the co-founder's LinkedIn profiles listing his current position as an iOS Bluetooth engineer at Apple.

Well, apparently, Apple didn't buy Wi-Gear. And no, Steve and his cronies didn't break tradition by commenting on rumor and speculation. The company that spoke to the media was the defunct Wi-Gear. CEO Mark Pundsack told Tech Trader Daily that Wi-Gear had not been bought by Apple and assured the site that the IP was still available if anyone was interested in buying it.

"The rumor is false," Pundsack said in an email. "Wi-Gear and its IP are still available for sale." He also responded to MacWorld's inquiry with an "I wish."

So, Apple didn't purchase Wi-Gear or its iMuffs. But, just to close the book on this chapter, it seems 9to5Mac's anonymous source has since admitted to assuming that Apple had purchased Wi-Gear based on the fact that co-founder Michael Kim had taken a job in Cupertino.

Source: Tech Trader Daily, MacWorld, 9to5Mac