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Apple May Reveal Cloudy iPhone September 7

Growing weary of the Apple rumor mill? Don't fret: we're almost done for the year. In this latest installment of the iPhone 5 drama, reports are pointing to a cheaper, cloud-based iPhone that will be revealed next to the iPhone 5 during an Apple press event rumored to take place on September 7 here in the U.S., and September 8 in Japan. This is also the same day the fruity company is expected to reveal its latest iPod Touch with 3G connectivity.

To be honest, there have been so many rumors concerning the September event that its making heads spin The Exorcist-style. But one thing is for certain: all reports indicate that Apple plans to launch a new low to mid-range iPhone next to its flagship iPhone 5 smartphone. The device has seemingly ranged in size since word first surfaced of a dual release, spanning from a mini-iPhone to a upgraded iPhone 4 with a cheaper chassis.

Now there are reports stemming from three separate "insider" sources that claim the cheaper iPhone 5 sidekick will actually be based on iPhone 4 hardware, iOS 5 and Apple's upcoming iCloud. The device will rely heavily on the latter iCloud feature, sporting less internal storage than previous models. Apple reportedly stalled its typical June launch date so that it could release this second, cloud-based smartphone along with the new model before the end of the summer.

As Apple'N'Apps points out, reducing the device's on-board flash memory capacity not only means a reduction in storage, but a reduction in price. If storage accounts for 15-percent of the cost to build the device, relying heavily on the iCloud service should mean a nice reduction in the overall device price for the consumer. Of course, that will depend on how much Apple plans to charge for everyday iCloud use – that's something we'll have to see come September 7.

But this rumored iCloud model, despite is probable low price, obviously won't be for everyone – those who would rather install apps locally and store media on their device will likely stick with the typical 8 GB, 16 GB and greater models. Still, if the rumored $400 base pricetag for the iCloud iPhone is true (perhaps even free after carrier subsidization), then many loyal Apple consumers may find themselves embracing a new frontier after all: apps and multimedia in the cloud. And if Apple succeeds in enabling users the ability to purchase and stream music and video (movies, TV episodes etc stored i the cloud) to the device, then there really seems to be no reason not to switch to a cloud-based smartphone.

According to the three anonymous sources, Apple is shooting to offer a cloud-based iPhone experience that's unique to the market and accessible by many because of its price. In addition to the flash storage reduction, it will also feature a smoother yet cheaper aluminum back and siding which contradicts previous reports that the new-yet-cheaper iPhone will have an all-plastic casing and screen. Still, the difference at first sight between the iPhone 5 and the iCloud iPhone will be that the latter will resemble a small iPad. Could this device be the basis to prior rumors of a small-screen iPad?

Regardless, if the September 7 date is true, then we have less than a month to endure additional rumors until Steve Jobs whips out the real thing in front of a live audience. If Apple does produce a cloud-based iPhone, will it change the face of the mobile industry? Will it be a success? And most importantly, will it finally short-circuit Android's dominance in the mobile sector?

  • amk-aka-Phantom
    Here we go. First major device where they'll take storage away from you... It doesn't even matter that it's Apple, it's just the global cloud trend... it's a highway to hell. Mark my words.
  • zubikov
    Anyone else feel like they have zero use for iCloud. I enjoy lots of iPhone features. Apps are great, the iPod part of it works well, internet, maps, etc. It syncs well with the iMac, ok i get it everything works with everything. Gadget nirvana.

    But cloud storage/syncing? I have to wait to get things from some server instead of instantly having them on my phone? Why? Just give me a 64GB phone and problem solved. I don't want to upload all of my photos and MP3s, that's a waste of time. Everyone I talk has similar feelings. I wonder how Apple will get users to adopt this? I'm trying hard, but I really see no use.
  • steelbox
    I don't think it is a good idea to move to the cloud.
  • Apple, verizon and all the providers are going to *LOVE* this for a while. They are going to have millions of people blowing through their 2GB data plan in 2 weeks if you have to stream everything you want via "the cloud".

    Personally this fad (yes it's a fad) of "the cloud" is stupid. Why should I pay more to let someone ELSE hold onto my data? i'm a big boy, I can take care of my own stuff thank you.

    Can't wait to see everyone up in arms when they get their first cell phone bill and see an extra 50 bucks tacked on for all the data they are eating up thanks to the cloud.
  • thisisaname
    A 32GB microSDHC cost around £32, if this is 15% of the phones cost does this mean a 32GB Iphone should cost around £213. I did pick up a 32GB flash drive just last week for £17.79 which would make that £118.60. You can bet Apple are getting thiers for alot less. All of which makes me think that the idea that the storage costs 15% of the cost to build the device is just a very bad guesstimate.
  • gallidorn
    Cloud is nice for a secondary backup, but it is horrible idea for iPhones. AT&T and Verizon have dollar signs in their eyes right now, because unlimited data plans don't exist anymore and they stand to make millions off of the fools that buy a iPhone Cloud and go over their 2GB data plans.

    This has to be the worst idea I've heard in a while, but there will be people out there that don't understand that getting an iPhone for FREE with a 2 Year Agreement will cost them more every month. Hopefully this will die a miserable death like the Kindle!!!
  • jblack
    until Steve Jobs whips out the real thing in front of a live audience.

    I hope he keeps it in his pants.
  • iPhone 5 on Oct 7, iPad 3 Mid-2012
  • dj1001
    why not just drop internal storage to 8GB or even less then put a micrfo SD slot like the rest of the industry. PROBLEM SOLVED.
  • guanyu210379
    Cloud could be a good idea...ehhhh...but not for me...I ain't distributing my personal files to anyone!!!