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You Can Test-Drive Hyundai's Cars with Amazon Prime

You can buy everything from video games to groceries through Amazon Prime. And now, thanks to a new partnership with Hyundai, Prime members can even request a test-drive in a Hyundai Elantra and have the car show up right at their front door.

However, if you want to partake in the program, you’re going to need to be in the Los Angeles/Orange County area and have a pretty quick trigger finger. That’s because the test drive initiative will only run for one more weekend (Aug. 27 and 28).

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Participants can specify where they want Hyundai’s 4-door sedan to show up, allowing you to have the car sent home or to your place of work.  After the test drive, interested buyers will be directed to the nearest Hyundai dealer for more information.

What we find ironic is that, in a culture where you can buy almost anything with at-home delivery, buying a new car probably means delivery services just got a little less useful to you. And with a sticker price starting at a little over $17,000, purchasing an Elantra isn’t exactly the same as picking up an extra bag of chips.

But if getting peoples butts behind the wheel of a Hyundai Elantra is the goal, Hyundai’s “Prime Now. Drive Now.” program looks like it might be fun enough to entice some otherwise house-bound folks to go out for a drive.

There’s no word yet as to whether Hyundai plans to bring this program to other cities.