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HyperX Revolver S Makes Surround Sound Simple

I've long been a fan of HyperX's gaming headsets thanks to their good sound and best-in-class comfort, but they always seemed to trail the competition when it came to special features. That could all change this March with the $149 HyperX Cloud Revolver S, which is the first gaming headset to offer plug-and-play Dolby surround sound without the need for any extra software.

Key Specs and Features

  • The Cloud Revolver S is nearly identical to the standard Cloud Revolver, though it trades the original model's red highlights and glossy finish for a matte, black-and-white look that's less aggressive but every bit as slick.
  • The headset features a USB dongle that lets you activate Dolby Headphone 7.1 sound with the push of a button, while also providing controls for mic muting, game and chat volume, and three separate EQ settings: bass boost, flat and vocal-heavy. If you prefer to use the Revolver S with your gaming console or mobile device, you can simply unplug the USB box and use the standard 3.5mm audio jack.
  • The new headset retains the Revolver's sturdy suspension headband and memory foam earcups, though it has a wider design built to be more comfortable.

Early Impressions

  • After listening to a bit of The Weeknd's "Starboy" on the Revolver S, I was impressed by both the overall soundstage as well as the strength of each individual audio preset. There was a noticeable layer of immersion with Dolby sound activated, and the bass boost and dialogue modes did a nice job highlighting the track's thumping bass and silky vocals, respectively. I still need to see how the Revolver S holds up in games, but based on my time with the original Revolver, I'm pretty confident in its abilities.
  • As someone burnt out on the ubiquity of red-and-black gaming peripherals, I find the Revolver S' white highlights to be a welcome change.

Why You Should Care

  • HyperX makes some of the best gaming headsets in the business, and with the Revolver S, the company is finally offering a high-end option for folks who want easy access to surround sound. The fact that you don't have to download any extra software to customize your audio is a major plus.

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Pricing and Availability

  • The Revolver S will be available on March 14 for $149. We look forward to seeing how it holds up with our favorite games, so stay tuned for our full review.