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The Next Humble Bundle is for Standup Comedy

As of late, the Humble Bundle has been branching out away from indie games and even games in general. There have been 

Humble Ebook Bundles and Humble Music Bundles... and now, a Humble Comedy Bundle. Really, the Humble Bundle is just looking to corner the market on pay-what-you-want schemes for all different forms of entertainment. 

The Humble Comedy Bundle features Maria Bamford's The Special Special Special, Tig Notaro's Live, Hannibal Buress's My Name is Hannibal, and Jim Norton's Please Be Offended. Paying above the average (which currently stands at $8.66) unlocks Louis C.K's Live at the Beacon Theater and Patrice O'Neal's Unreleased and Mr. P. 

Everything included in the bundle is DRM-free. All formats are listed on the Humble Bundle's support page. 

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