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Lamp Bulb Morphs Color to Match Surroundings

Chameleon: the word itself describes the eponymous reptile's ability to change color and blend into one's surroundings. Well, not Huey. While he does retain the ability to adapt to its environment, he won't be winning any Sam Fisher stealth awards anytime soon. See, Huey's a lamp. The crazy chameleon bulb matches the color of what it's sitting on.

Huey is the latest product from Thinkgeek's line of dorky but cute products for the discerning nerd. Named after the Pantone color-calibration system, it uses an optical sensor in its underbelly to determine the color of the surface beneath him. He then projects the correct color by adjusting the mix of the multiple colored LEDs embedded in his fake lizard body.

Go to Think Geek if you want to get your hands on this photo-metamorphic wonder.

[source: Think Geek via Oh Gizmo]