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HTC Vive's $220 Add-On Removes Those Pesky Wires

If you've been lucky enough to try out the HTC Vive, our favorite VR headset, there is one problem you've probably noticed almost immediately: the giant cable tethering you to your PC as you walk around. Soon, though, you'll be able to use the headset wirelessly. In an interview with Upload VR, HTC spilled the beans on an upcoming $220 peripheral by TPCAST that lets you use the Vive wirelessly.

The device is being sold exclusively on HTC's Chinese website, where it will go up for pre-order today in limited quantities. The company says anyone can purchase one, though priority will be given to those with valid Vive serial numbers (and, of course, those who are willing to pay for shipping from Asia). Delivery is expected in early 2017.

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HTC's China regional president Alvin W. Graylin told UploadVR that the battery would last roughly an hour and a half, though there may be future options for bigger external batteries for pockets and bags that will last longer.

Graylin suggested that the wireless peripheral would “greatly improve” the experience and, more importantly, that there is no "noticeable difference” in terms of latency.

The peripheral is launching just as other companies are getting in the business of building VR backpacks to eliminate the wire problem. We're curious to see which fix VR aficionados end up preferring, and you can be sure we'll give you impressions when we get our hands on them.