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How to Use Twitter's Night Mode

Catching up to many popular third-party clients, Twitter released a Night Mode for its official iOS app yesterday (August 22). Unlike iOS's blue-light reducing Night Shift feature, this feature isn't explicitly designed to help users go to sleep. Still, by switching from a bright white background to a dark blue one, you just might find your eyes feeling less strained by the app.

This new feature isn't tied to any update; the company pushed it out silently in the background to iPhone and iPad users. You'll still probably want to have the most recent version of the iOS Twitter App, version 6.6. Twitter made night mode available to Android users in July, so you should already have it regardless of your operating system.

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I personally prefer the power-user-minded Tweetbot, but this update did lead to me trying Twitter's official app out. I did find the dark blue interface more pleasing to look at, but that may be just a matter of preference. I use night modes in as many apps as possible (including Overcast) purely because I prefer the look.

Back in June, iOS 10 beta testers discovered what appeared to be a system-wide dark mode, so Apple may also believe in the aesthetic benefits of a less-white interface. Here's how to use Twitter's Night Mode:

1. Tap Me in the bottom row of icons.

2. Tap the Settings icon.

3.Tap Turn on night mode. To disable night mode, repeat steps 1 & 2 and select Turn off night mode.

You've enabled Night Mode! Pop some popcorn and enjoy some tweets. Night Mode is not to be confused with Night Twitter, the colloquial term for late night Twitter activity that is weirder or more risque.

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