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Exchanging Your Note 7? You Can Now Get An Extra $100

No matter which Galaxy Note 7 you own, it's time to send it back. Samsung has expanded its worldwide recall of the faulty phablet to both original and replacement versions of its now-dead smartphone, as a result of the newer, "safer" models not really being safer at all.

Fortunately, Samsung is offering some incentives for those who return their explosion-prone phones starting today (Oct. 13) at 3 p.m. ET.

If you choose to exchange your Note 7 for another Samsung device, you'll receive up to $100 bill credit "from select carrier and retail outlets." If you've already made this exchange and received a $25 credit, Samsung will send you an additional $75.

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Should you decide to simply get a refund on your phone, you'll still get a $25 bill credit from Samsung. Same goes for folks who exchange their Note 7 for a different brand of smartphone. If you bought your phone via Samsung's website and want to exchange it online, you'll get the same monetary perks, but in the form of gift certificates.

In an attempt to make the return process as painless as possible, Samsung has updated its Note 7 Recall hub with frequently asked questions and a list of customer support phone numbers for all major carriers. If you prefer to speak directly to Samsung about the exchange program, you can contact them at 1-855-726-8721. You can opt to have a fire-proof return box sent to you, or arrange for a Samsung rep to come pick up your faulty phone.

The Galaxy Note 7 situation has been nothing short of a disaster, but Samsung is at least trying to make the recall process as simple as possible while offering some rewards to its burned (hopefully not literally) customers. Plus, between phones such as the iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 and Google's upcoming Pixel, there are at least plenty of great alternatives to Samsung's ill-fated phablet.

Michael Andronico

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