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Horodron Concept Watch with E-Ink Displays

E-Ink's main draw is that it's as easy on the eyes as written text. Strangely enough, when watchmakers try to exploit e-Ink, it's usually for its flexibility. Jonathan Frey's Horodron HD-01 concept is different: it taps into e-Ink's readability to provide a highly informative, yet readable display.

The Horodron has five rows for indicating the day in the week, the day, month and year. The readout for the actual time is set below these rows, in a white-on-black standard digital display.

Overall, the Horodron's sleek lines and sharp angles give it a look that's both futuristic, and yet comfortingly familiar. This watch is something we'd definitely like to see hit production. Whether that will happen or not remains a matter of speculation.

[source: Yanko Design]