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The Smartest Phone Ever? It's Called Magic

All this talk about artificial intelligence in phones seems to be all about voice assistants. But the Honor Magic does AI differently.

Credit: Honor

(Image credit: Honor)

This 5.09-inch Android phone, which is China-only for now, boasts a unique FaceCode Intelligent Recognition feature. The Magic will only show message notifications to faces the phone recognizes. In other words, you won't have to worry about others peeping at your notifications.

According to Android Authority, this feature is made possible by the Magic's WiseScreen sensor, which uses a combination of a sensor in the phone's frame and an infrared sensor in the front-facing camera. This also allows the Magic to fire up the screen when you pick the phone up, as it recognizes your eyes and hands.

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The AI smarts don't stop there. We love that the phone is smart enough to automatically turn on the phone's flashlight from the lock screen when it senses you've entered a dark room.

Other highlights include the ability to automatically display your ticket when you arrive at the movies, showing your tracking number as you approach the parcel collection counter and displaying your cab's license plate info after your order a taxi.

The Magic's hardware is pretty attractive, too. The phone sports a curved glass design that comes in Golden Black and Porcelain White. The device features a 2K AMOLED display, octa-core Huawei Kirin 950 processor and 2,900-mAh battery.

Why can't phones in the U.S. have this high of an IQ? They might soon, as Honor will be hosting a press event at CES 2017 to unveil something new.