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HDnet & DirecTV Settle Over Fee Dispute

Under the settlement, DirecTV subscribers with a basic HD package will be able to continue watching HDNet, but in order to receive HDNet Movies they must upgrade to a new package.

HDNet and its sister network HDNet Movies, which are distributed widely throughout most cable and satellite providers, are currently part of DirecTV’s basic HD package.

That service costs subscribers around $10 per month. However, DirecTV announced plans to move them to a new tier of HD programming that would cost an additional $5 per month.

The network’s co-founder, billionaire Mark Cuban, filed a lawsuit against DirecTV saying the move would irreparably harm HDNet by systematically eliminating a huge chunk of its viewer base.

"HDNet will be fully distributed and HDNet Movies will be available on the Extra Pack Tier. It’s a win-win for all involved," said Cuban in an interview with trade publication Multichannel News.

The case was supposed to go to a preliminary hearing just before the settlement was struck. It was officially canceled after all the signatures were in place.