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Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta Starts on May 3

Although Bungie said that it has no intention or desire to make another 3D Halo game, much to the dismay of fans, there's still one more epic chapter to go.

At Microsoft's X10 event, Bungie revealed that the multiplayer beta for Halo: Reach will commence on May 3 – but only if you have a copy of Halo 3: ODST.

The demo given by Bungie at the event this week showed what the developer touted as "the best Halo yet" and "the most ambitious title Bungie has ever produced."

While Halo: Reach is based on software technology similar to Halo 3, Bungie says that the game engine has been "entirely re-written" for better graphics and sound.

Read more at Joystiq.

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  • 08nwsula
    I actually really liked ODST so this is just the icing on the cake
  • BluntObjection
    I like ODST too...But it wasn't worth the 60$ I put down for it.
    Hopefully Halo: Reach will offer more than a few hours of gameplay.
  • eternalkp
    People still play Halo?
    Don't get me wrong, Halo was awesome (my friends and i LAN countless hours) but then Halo 2 destroyed the franchise for me.
    Masterchief jumps out of airplanes and off building without
    and of course the flimsy weapons.
  • Regulas
  • Overcklockalypse

    If you really want an explanation for why he can jump off airplanes and off buildings read the first book in the Halo series. Great Sci-Fi book btw.
  • chriskrum
    I was late in the game to Halo. Played the first one, maybe two years ago out of historical interest. I was impressed by it and it made sense that it gave Xbox a foot in the console door.

    I'm just playing Halo 3 now and, meh. I might not finish it (I'm on the 3rd chapter of the campaign). It's garbage. I think the reviewers that gave it 9+ were paid off. The campaign is terrible, the AI is an embarrassment, the game play (empty clip, run forward press B) is laughable.

    I picked up Halo Wars for twenty bucks on Amazon and played through part of that campaign. It's a solid 5. Kind of a test platform for how an RTS might work on a console. Seriously, MS should just patch the Xbox to support a mouse and keyboard--I'd rather have that than Natal.

    I won't buy another Halo title. The franchise is dead to me.

  • siman
    I really hate to say it, but I have to agree halo 1 was the best. Halo 2 dropped off the edge of the cliff. They even admitted they dropped the ball on halo 2. Halo 3 not only killed 3 of my 360 consoles, but since it was the only good game on the 360. I got a ps3 instead and any good game available for the 360 is available on the ps3 or the PC. O, and ODST is just a wast of time, if you want you can run through the game on legendary.... Reach will probably fail hard and from those screen shots it still doesn't look like killzone 2......... Don't even get me stared on the pathetic RTS Halo Wars.... I would have rather had age of empires. Hope Microsoft kills off its game studio quicker I'm tired of half baked games.
  • geckoar
    Really you guys i mean come on, Halo 1 was the best, great story and good looking ...for 2001. And halo 2 multiplayer was crazy good lots of skill needed there.Now the single player for halo 2 was a let down but being able to play with a friend made it better. Halo 3 was great ...very short story but with 3 other friends playing with you and with metascore great times. Multiplayer is beast. Other shooters like cod where you die so fast you really dont need a team but with halo if your team is working together then you cant lose. Halo Wars does a great job of a fun rts on console, good UI and good story. I just hope they release it for PC with 5v5 players and not 3v3. Ok so the units is halo wars are simple but they work. You got counters and strong units and leader powers. a very simple but workable game. Reach should be good, i just hope they stick to the book and not make something up.
  • Hope Slayer
    geckoar i just hope they stick to the book and not make something up.
    Not an Xboxer but I loved the first Halo when it came to PC and have read almost every book since release. The Fall of Reach, was an awesome story. If Bungie and MS want another hit...they will stick to the story and make the gameplay revolve around it!
  • tester24
    The thing that annoys me the most about Bungie not wanting to do another 3d Halo game is that it smacks the face of not only the fans but their bread and butter. I mean honestly would they have the same success if they didn't create it? Obvious answer no.

    I figure milk it for what it's worth, as long as they don't start making childrens version they still have a good thing going for them. Now they just need to port them to PC.