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'Shocking' Halo Headband Allegedly Makes You Smarter

Ever wish you were just a little bit smarter? Then this futuristic gadget might be for you: the Halo is an upcoming headband that aims to increase wearers' cognitive ability by electrically stimulating their brains.

This isn't just some science fiction fantasy: esteemed tech investor Marc Andreessen just backed Halo Neuroscience, the company behind the Halo headband, for $1.5 million dollars.

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"Halo Neuroscience offers [the] ability to tune neurons to boost or calm their endogenous [i.e. interior] action," it says on the Halo Neuroscience's website. "Tuning" methods include electric shocks, magnetic fields, infrared light and radio waves, Halo co-creator Amol Sarva told The Verge.

The company hasn't elaborated on any further details about how the Halo works, as the device is currently beginning the process of seeking FDA approval.

But the idea of improving brain function via electric shocks is not new. Halo Neuroscience's other two cofounders, Daniel Chao and Brett Wingeler, previously worked at a Mountain View, California-based company called NeuroPace that specializes in implantable medical devices that treat epilepsy and other neurological disorders with brain stimulation.

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