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Halfway To Paradise With Mobile Crossing's WayPoint 200 PDA/GPS

A PDA With Loads Of Extras

The PDA side of the WayPoint 200 is standard issue Microsoft Windows Pocket PC 2003 unit, which worked as expected for e-mail, contacts, notes, tasks and such. There's nothing terribly new or exciting about that, so I'll concentrate here on the GPS side.

Even before I opened the WayPoint 200 box, I felt a little overwhelmed. The bottom of the box shows a picture of the PDA surrounded by assorted items, including the GPS receiver, PDA battery, cables, mounting brackets, power supplies, manuals and software. The text on the box says, "We made sure everything you will need is included. Nothing more to buy to get started immediately. We mean it!" They sure do.

The bottom of the WayPoint 200 box contains a picture showing the PDA/GPS and all of its accessories.

Here are the actual accessories. From left to right and top to bottom: power supply/ battery charger with PDA and GPS receiver charging cords; powered vehicle mount with amplified speaker and GPS charger (gray with yellow lettering); desktop charger/communications port (blue); cigarette lighter power cable; Velcro; USB sync/travel charger; Bluetooth radio (CF card); USB cable; gooseneck windshield mount; T-slot adapter; power cord; in-vehicle charging cord; in-vehicle audio cord.

After sorting through the contents of the box, I found the cable used to charge the WayPoint and the GPS receiver. One end plugs into the AC adapter; the other has two cables, one for the PDA and one for the receiver. This all seems quite logical now, but it wasn't obvious when I first encountered all that stuff in the box. Based on my long experience with PDAs, I thought at first that the double-plug cable was for connecting the PDA to a PC and charging it.

The WayPoint 200 charger with the PDA and GPS receiver.