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Guitar Hero 5: No One Has to Sing!

Most of us are mature enough to not cause an argument over who gets to play which instrument in Rock Band or Guitar Hero 4. That said, whenever I play with friends, it always seems like no one actually wants to be on vocals, which lot of the time results in three people having fun (albeit and a limited amount) and one person having, well, significantly less fun. If that sounds similar to your experiences, then Guitar Hero 5 is for you.

Activision today announced that players can customize the make-up of their band with any combination of instruments, be it two guitars and two drums, or three guitars and a microphone, any combination is possible.

This actually seems like a pretty decent improvement which makes a change considering there’s already countless different “versions” of the game that all essentially amount to the same experience.

What say you, reader? Is this enough to actually make you want the game or will you stick with what you’ve already got (whichever version that may be)?