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Get a Sneak Peek at the New Guardians of the Galaxy Game

Telltale has almost single-handedly made the point-and-click adventure game cool again. Leveraging properties like Fables, The Walking Dead and even Batman, the popular little studio seems determined to bring simple environmental puzzles and tough moral choices to every beloved pop culture franchise. And now, it's wrangled one more into the stable. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series (there’s a mouthful) will debut for consoles, PCs and mobile devices in 2017, with nostalgic ‘80s music, snappy one-liners and murderous talking raccoons sure to follow.

Telltale debuted the game’s teaser trailer on YouTube today (Dec. 2), and while the 47-second video doesn’t reveal too much, we at least know that the comic book and movie protagonist Star-Lord seems to occupy an important role. The brief trailer shows his beloved Walkman floating through space, still blasting Toploader’s “Dancing In the Moonlight” out into the void.

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While a single cassette player is not much to go on, we can still predict a few things about the game, based on previous Telltale installments. As with the Batman series, Telltale's Guardians offering will likely be based on the general Guardians of the Galaxy lore rather than one specific comic book or film. (Fables and The Walking Dead do indeed take place at specific points during comic book continuity, but it’s harder to pull that off with superheroes who occupy a huge, shared universe.) Star-Lord will also likely be a playable character, like Bigby in The Wolf Among Us or Bruce Wayne in Batman.

The other exciting news from this announcement is that Telltale has finally teamed up with Marvel, potentially throwing the floodgates wide open for other properties the company owns — or maybe even getting a foot in the door with Marvel’s parent company, Disney. Just imagine an adventure game based on The Pulse — the Marvel series dealing with the reporters who cover the superhero beat — and the rest pretty much writes itself.