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New GTA: Ballad of Gay Tony Trailer

Microsoft scored big with Grand Theft Auto IV. Not only did it manage to get the latest entry into the hugely popular franchise on the same day as the PlayStation version (a first), it also scored two exclusive DLC episodes.

The first was the Lost and Damned, and now the second is on its way with the Ballad of Gay Tony, which will be here on October 29. Rockstar today released a new trailer for the upcoming DLC, which you can watch in the video embedded below.

And in case you missed the debut trailer that hit earlier this month, check it out below.

The Ballad of Gay Tony will be available on the Xbox 360 on October 29 as either a DLC package for 1600 Microsoft Points ($20) or together with the Lost and Damned in a retail disc package.

  • Major7up
    Looks kinda cool but is anyone else getting bored with GTA?
  • Argg, why did MSFT have pay $50 million to R*. I want to play this on my PS3!!!
  • no im not getting bored just getting sick and tired with them favoring xbox over ps3. im hoping they release them both for psn. when are developers gonna realize that they can profit more by releasing products for both systems not just for xbox.
  • leafblower29
    I think the name "Gay tony" isn't very good for a game.
  • alvine
    i guess it will be CUMing for pc later this year ;]
  • maigo
    Been on TV for like a week
  • nforce4max
    AS usual 360 only and nothing for the PC and the PS3 except for boring patches to fix bugs they should have worked out to begin with. Time to hunt down some mods that add fun to the game either than some cheesy cars.
  • NuclearShadow
    I wonder what it took for Microsoft to convince Rockstar to make the DLC's exclusive. I can understand why Microsoft wants to keep it from the PS3 and its sort of a smart business move on their part but I do wonder why they are keeping it from PC gamers as well since it is a Windows Live game and would further profit Microsoft.
  • Raid3r
    no one seriously wonders why its locked up right? If so, Ps3 is claimed to hard to work with and the pc is nothing but a "loss" in their eyes. Oh well...we will see better days. Not getting my money.
  • anamaniac
    Sad to see how much juice GTA IV takes to play on a PC...

    How about a even halfass optimized PC version?