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Solar Pyramid Concept Powers 250 Homes

The winner of a site-specific design competition of the United Arab Emirates, Lunar Cubit, features eight solar powered pyramids built in a circle around a single larger pyramid. The Lunar Cubit brings a combination of an impressive artistic vision with energy producing practicality and is expected to be built in Abu Dhabi. Storing energy by day and looking awesome by night, the Lunar Cubit is designed to transform enough sunlight into electricity to power up to 250 homes.

Featuring structures made from glass and amorphous silicon, the Lunar Cubit is designed with proportions as large as the great pyramid of Giza. The Lunar Cubit design features several smaller pyramids standing at 22 meters high encircling a much larger pyramid that is to be 50 meters high. Another feature of the design allows viewers to measure the time and date by observing the shadows and the lunar phases. For more info on the Lunar Cubit, head on over to the designers' website here.