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Google's First Wi-Fi Router Offers Dead Simple Settings

Google is taking over the last mile into your home with its own Wi-Fi router. Called Google Wifi, it can stand alone or serve as part of a mesh network to cover your entire home.

It will be available for pre-order in November for $129 (or $299 for a 3-pack) and will ship in December.

On stage at its #madebygoogle event, Google's Mario Queiroz explained that multiple routers can be placed throughout the home, similar to other mesh networks like Luma or Eero.

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Google's router includes a feature called Network Assist, which manipulates the network behind the scenes so that users don't have to go into settings to make adjustments. It's also meant to make sure that connections don't drop when switching between rooms.

In addition, an app allows you to control Wi-Fi access on your network. Queiroz demonstrated shutting off his kids' connections so they would come down for an internet-free family dinner.

Previously, Google had partnered with Asus and TP-Link to make its OnHub routers for easy connections. Queiroz didn't mention those companies on stage, but I imagine that Google decided to take its networking router into its own hands.