Google Attacks Lodsys Over Android App Suits

Wired reports that Google has filed a request with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to reexamine patents held by Lodsys and determine whether or not the patents should be invalidated. Google believes the patents, that Lodsys currently uses in 11 different lawsuits against app developers "should never have been issued."

Google has been criticized as it remained relatively silent in the Lodsys drama as Apple has aggressively responded to the suits against iOS app developers. The IP firm sent cease and desist letters to app developers beginning in May and demanded damages and license fees for the use of its patented idea of in-app purchases. Among the Lodsys targets are Atari, Square Enix and Electronic Arts. Both Google and Apple have licenses to Lodsys' patents, but the IP firm claims that app developers are not covered by the license.

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  • Shin-san
    Ugh. I definitely feel that we need patent reform, especially when it comes to software
  • Darkerson
    The only time I want to read about Lodsys is when they get their asses handed to them in court and going down in flames...goddamn patent trolls...
  • K-zon
    Patents, trademarks, and copyright to say, always seems like there is more, but i don't know sometimes, helps though on ideas that other ideas to say are a further part of interest if not just them for awhile dont get stolen and/or used in ways not of intent.

    Seems like alot of work after awhile, but if for an intial interest, some of the work isn't quite as work to say once and awhile, but does vary.

    Sounds like lots of cross-communication at times and working with things not probably very known at times. But usually does given rights though to those who sau "auth" or make programs and licenses them though. This is probably the one place towards the end of an arguement though. Can be things said probably more then not of course, but on the sack of many issues due seem to find themselves more "rooted" then not, yes?

    Otherwise outside that, on some ideas patent programming is very weird but probably with many ohter things at times though too.