Google Home Could Soon Help You Sleep at Night


Google's Digital Wellbeing initiative could soon be on its way to Google Home, according to a report from 9to5Google
Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's Guide9to5 has discovered a "Digital Wellbeing" tab in the Settings of the newest version of Google Assistant's app, which began rolling out Saturday evening but was quickly pulled due to a bug.

The feature isn't live yet -- in 9to5Google's APK analysis, tapping the button just opened the Google Home app, where the features aren't yet live.

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It's not clear what exactly will be inside this tab. It may contain the feature Downtime, which prevents users from talking to Google Assistant at certain hours (for example, night time). There's also a new "filters" feature, which likely refers to parental controls to censor inappropriate content. 

In Google Calendar, Digital Wellbeing can automatically enable Do-Not-Disturb mode for calendar invitations and events, while on YouTube it tracks the number of videos you're watching. It's safe to say this feature will probably have something to do with tracking and managing usage device usage. 

Credit: 9to5GoogleCredit: 9to5Google9to5Google also spotted a few other potential upcoming features, including "Household" tab and the ability to "donate" screenshots to improve Google's visual search feature. But remember that these are unfinished app components, so we may not see them roll out for a while, if ever.