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Google Sued Over Chinese Name

Beijing (China) - A Chinese technology company has filed a lawsuit against Google, claiming the name the search giant uses in China infringes on its copyrights.

Google goes by the name "Guge" in China. However, there happens to be a company called "Guge Sci-Tech" based in Beijing. In its lawsuit, Guge Sci-Tech said Google has caused confusion and damages its business.

According to the Associated Press, Guge Sci-Tech Co. was registered at the Beijing Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau on April 26, 2006, but Google wasn’t filed there until a few months later on November 24.

However, Google said that its Chinese name was already circulating the Internet before Guge Sci-Tech was registered. It may have been looking to intentionally cash in on a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Regardless, Guge Sci-Tech wants Google to change its Chinese name and to reimburse its legal costs.