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Google Adds World War II Images to Google Earth

Many European cities were bombed during World War II, and some of them were almost completely destroyed. This week Google introduced a new tool to Google Earth that allows users to see the effects of wartime bombing on more than 35 European towns and cities.  Looking at pictures taken from 1935-1945 and comparing with photos taken now is quite scary.

Check out some of the examples below.

To access all the imagery for yourself, and compare to the present day cityscape, click the clock icon in the top-level toolbar to activate a time-line in the Google Earth display. Move back in forth in time by dragging the time slider from left to right or by clicking the back/forwards arrows.

The German city of Stuttgart - subject to over 50 air raids during the War (click here for a bigger image).

Naples - the most bombed in Italian city in WWII (click here for bigger image).