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Goolge Chrome Gets a Touch Interface

You can simply swipe

the screen to the right and left to access more than one screen, you can drag applications from one screen to another and you can add as many screens as you need.

The feature, which is available in the latest nightly builds of Chromium clearly caters to touch devices such as tablets, which is somewhat strange as there is no Chrome browser for Android (yet). It is somewhat difficult to use on a regular PC via a mouse and the need for such a feature may be questionable especially if you are using a 22-inch or 24-inch screen. However, it is an interface that is much more app-centric and reduces the importance of the URL bar to a research tool: The websites and apps you use most frequently will be access via an app icon.

It is unclear when this feature will actually make it into Chrome, but we notice that Google has already rolled out the second version of the new tab page layout. It's unlikely that we will see this feature in Chrome 11, which is in the developer phase and Chrome 12, which is only available as nightly builds (Chromium). Chrome 13 may be a good guess. ConceivablyTech also noted that Google is looking for ways to reduce the file size of Chrome, add more cloud features and a web app launcher.