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Google: Chrome's Purpose is Search Dominance

Google hopes that Chrome tightly aligns with its search strategy and locks Chrome users into using its search engine.   

Referring to the Chrome business strategy, chief financial officer Patrick Pichette said the Chrome browser itself uses the Omnibox to shorten the way to Google search while still providing Google with search advertising revenues. It gets more interesting with Chrome OS, however: Google considers everyone who uses Chrome as a "locked in" Google user. Since Chrome is essentially the operating system on a Chrome OS device, Google is using the browser to simply monopolize the search engine market.  
There was also a note that may raise eye brows with privacy watchers. Google considers the personalization features of Chrome, which would include Sync, as a future asset: "That is information that, again, with user engagement and users seeing value from it, that could be useful," Google's Jeffrey Huber said. If we look at this scenario with some distance, it is clear that Microsoft will need a competitive IE9/IE10 simply to limit Google's aggressive move after search and advertising market share. The battle over Chrome OS, should it be successful, will be an interesting one as Google locks out its browser rivals from its platform.