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Move Over, Bixby: Google Assistant Coming to Samsung TVs

Google Assistant isn't just for the Google Home anymore. It now lives in a number of smart gadgets -- and it's soon to live in Samsung's smart TVs.

According to a report from Variety, Samsung may announce a partnership with Google as early as CES 2019, which begins Jan. 8. The company declined to comment on that report.

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These wouldn't be the first smart TVs to integrate Google's voice assistant. Google is built into some of LG's and TCL's smart TVs as well, and can perform the same functions it can perform on Google Home or Android phones. 

On Samsung's TVs, however, Google will have company. The Korean tech giant added its own voice assistant, Bixby, to its TVs just a few months ago. Bixby can play and pause content, but it can't yet open or control third-party apps such as Netflix, the way that Amazon's Alexa can on the Fire TV

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

It's likely that Bixby will play second fiddle when Google Assistant arrives. Google is the smartest voice assistant out there (though Alexa and Siri have the advantage in a few categories), while Bixby hasn't yet reached the same level. Bixby struggled to interpret and respond to voice commands in our recent tests with Samsung's Galaxy S9. 

Hopefully, this new integration will allow for a smoother and smarter user experience on Samsung's TVs. Stay tuned for our on-the-ground coverage of CES 2019, where we'll bring you all the latest news from Samsung and Google. 

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