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How to Control Your Public Profile on Google

With all of the different online services available in the Google universe, managing how you present yourself on each used to be an annoying process. But this week, Google rolled out About me, a new Web page that centralizes the controls for how you appear across the company's services, including Photos, Hangouts, YouTube, Gmail and Drive.

While your name and photo are completely public and have no privacy settings, About me gives users the ability to make every other element private. If you're proud of your job, you can make it public; if you're worried about identity theft, you can keep your date of birth private; or you can disclose your gender only to your customized Google+ Circles.

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About me pages also contain a link to Google's Privacy Checkup page, which streamlines security and privacy controls for the personal data that Google stores. There, you can edit your Google Maps location history and tell Google what kinds of ads you want to see displayed -- and which ones you would rather not see.

When you edit your birthday, you can decide whether or not you want your birth year to be visible, in case you've done a good job of covering up your age. (Keep in mind that an exact date of birth is also an essential component of identity theft.)