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Latest Rumors Point to 128 GB Gold iPhone

As September looms, the iPhone rumor mill is kicking into high gear. The latest says we'll see a significant boost in storage as well as a departure from Apple's silver, black and white iPhones of years gone by. According to the latest scuttlebutt, there's gold-colored iPhone on the horizon. Previous rumors have said that Apple would release a cheaper version of the iPhone in a range of colors, but this particular rumor involves the iPhne 5S.

Multiple news sites report that Apple has a gold iPhone 5S in the works. These include smaller sites, like iMore, as well as bigger names, like the Wall Street Journal's All Things D. Each quote their own sources that say Apple's gold iPhone is real. The latter cites people in the know that say its an 'elegant gold tone' and it will be offered alongside the black and white models.

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But let's forget about the outside and think about the inside, because color aside, there's another interesting rumor about the iPhone doing the rounds this week. CultofMac reports that German retailer Media Markt recently added a 128 GB black iPhone 5 to its inventory. Though the screenshot mentions the iPhone 5 as opposed to the as-yet-unconfirmed iPhone 5S, it hasn't stopped people speculating about an upgraded iPhone 5.

The rumor mill already has Apple announcing a cheaper, plastic iPhone 5C, as well as the gold, black, and white iPhone 5S. Are we also going to see an upgraded iPhone 5? Apple is known for keeping its product lines fairly simple, so it doesn't seem likely, but AppleInsider quotes KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo as saying it's the iPhone 5S that will be offered with 128 GB of storage. Considering the number of 128 GB smartphones currently available is rather thin on the ground (cough), a 128 GB iPhone would certainly give Apple something to brag about. It's also been a year since Samsung announced that it was mass producing 128GB NAND chips for smartphones and tablets, so it's not an unreasonable ask from the technological side of things, either.

Apple is expected to announce its new iPhone on September 10, though the company has not yet announced any events.

  • although i would never buy an iphone and gold is about the worst color imaginable for a phone, i still want this to happen, purely because i hope that it'll open a new, higher "tier" of storage options on phones.

    i'm aware that there are 64gb phones with microsd-slots good for another 64gb, but it seems to be hard to even get your hands on a 64gb s4, or htc one, so having a (still) big player pushing it a little is very good in my book.

    and please don't start me on _why_ i need 128gb in a phone, thank you! ;)
  • Cons29
    we all know that fans will go gaga over this one. Try whipping this out to where i live? In the next corner you'll find yourself with a knife pointing on your side.
    I really hope they name the cheap ones 5C, C for cheap :)
  • WithoutWeakness
    I doubt Apple would release a gold iPhone. Gold is possibly the most gaudy, overly-flashy color your could make a phone and Apple's products have taken on a much more understated and minimalist design. Nobody at Apple would be caught dead with an aluminum MacBook Pro, aluminum and glass iPad, and a gold iPhone.
  • back_by_demand
    I really hope gold is the new default colour, just so everyone can see it, along with the huge neon sign above your head saying "I'm a stupid twat"
  • the1kingbob
    Ohhh... I see. iPhone 5C means cheap.... and here I was thinking it meant crap ;)... (really though, it means color right?) If the 5C is actually a cheap alternative and not just a iP5 with colors, I think it is going to bad for consumers. Some rumors point to Apple getting rid of the iP4 models so they can drive a larger profit margin off the 5C. Apple has filled the lower price points well with dated models, if the 5C is just a cheaper version, then it will likely be a re-branded 4 series that makes people feel special because Apple just released it.
  • poik
    Given the cost I don't see why 32GB isn't standard across the board. 64/128 are nice logical upgrade choices.
    The Gold color would be HUGE in Asia.
  • xkm1948
    I read somewhere states that the iphone gold is some kind of special catering for the rich Chinese. It seems Chinese really love the color.
  • anti-painkilla
    I was not expecting this to be an Iphone. They will not release a gold 'coloured' one. It would be way too tacky.

    If they do it will be branded with some rich poncy company putting their name on it and it will be gold coated.
  • MulaTerca
    What!? My black iPhone doesn't have gold inside already? Why was it so expensive to begin with then??
  • teh_chem
    128GB storage, okay. The rumors regarding a gold iPhone (sold by Apple) cannot possibly be true...