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Great Gifts for Techy Teachers

Teachers are awesome and deserve all the gifts. But the holidays are surrounded by work parties and school performances and other craziness and who has time to go shopping for teacher gifts? Do a collection with your fellow parents and get teachers presents that they will get excited about!

Image Credit: ESB Professional / Shutterstock

(Image credit: Image Credit: ESB Professional / Shutterstock)

Here are some great things that you can buy online. I’m all for getting things done without leaving my house!

Gifts Cards for a Night Out

How about treating a teacher to a night out? Movie theaters, like Regal, AMC, and many others, sell gift cards. Or, if you’re not sure which theater the teacher likes or lives near, Fandango also offers gift cards!

FandangoView Deal

And if you want to include dinner, OpenTable also sells gift cards. The recipient gets to choose between any of OpenTable’s participating restaurants!

Gift Cards for a Night In

Netflix Gift Cards are great because even if the teacher already has a subscription, she can extend it with the gift card.

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Include some snacks and chocolate, maybe even a nice throw blanket for a perfect night in gift!

Portable Charger

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t need a portable phone charger. This high-capacity, high-speed charger from Anker will charge an iPhone almost seven times, and an iPad Mini twice!

Anker PowerCore 20100View Deal

Portable Scanner

A Doxie portable scanner will let teachers can scan in kids’ artwork and letters quickly and easily for emailing to parents, class projects, and more.

Doxie Portable ScannerView Deal

Label Maker

The key to an organized classroom is labels! Or so a teacher told me. This high-speed label printer from Brother has nice, wide labels for big print (little kids) or lots of details. Don’t forget to include some extra label rolls and cartridges!

Brother QL-700View Deal


Teachers Pay Teachers is a site where teachers can buy and sell classroom resources, like curriculum plans, posters, video clips, and much more. So when you give a teacher a gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers, you’re supporting more than just that one teacher!

Want even more teacher gift ideas? Just listen to this week’s Parenting Bytes podcast!