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A Holographic Assistant Is Ready to Serve You

You've been dreaming of a holographic woman ever since Princess Leia popped out of R2-D2. Vinclu wants to make that dream a reality with the introduction of Azuma Hikari, who lives inside of Gatebox. This holographic woman isn't crying out for help, however. She just wants to be your new personal assistant.

Similar to Amazon's Echo, the tubular Gatebox houses its female, interactive, artificial intelligent personality. Azuma will help you control all sorts of smart home gadgets, including your TV, air conditioner, and lights. She can also play music and check your email, as well as serve up your alarms, weather forecasts and calendar alerts.

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The concept version is clearly anime inspired and cartoonish. Her demeanor seems sweet, if a bit childish. The company claims Azuma's personality will develop as she learns her owner's habits and preferences.

For now, the Gatebox is just a concept. However, the Japanese company has plans to offer pre-orders through a crowdfunding site later this year. I'm curious to see if the company will make multiple versions of the female AI, and if we might see a male version in the future.

If you could dream up your own holographic AI, what would it look like? Sound off in the comments below.