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Netflix Teases PS3 And Xbox 360 Movie Streaming

Los Gatos (CA) - Streaming videos to game consoles could be coming soon to Netflix customers. The company is surveying its customers and asking if they would likely use a streaming service to Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. The streaming wouldn’t cost any more money, but would require a special install disc costing $3.

The Netflix survey was posted at and reads, "Now you can watch movies from Netflix instantly by using your Internet-connected Playstation 3. Simply insert a special Netflix disc into your PS/3 to enable instant movie streaming. The disc is available from Netflix for a one-time fee of $3."
The survey then asks if anyone in the household would be likely to use such a survey. There are five options from definitely not to definitely would.

Netflix says streaming customers would be able to watch over 7000 movies and television series in as little as 30 seconds. Currently Netflix offers streaming video on all of its plans. The cheapest plan offers one DVD at a time and two hours of streaming video per month for $4.99/month. Unlimited streaming plans start at $8.99/month.

Game console streaming probably wouldn’t be a big technical hurdle for Netflix as it started computer video streaming last summer.