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GameBridge Transforms PCs into Entertainment Centers

Can The PC Replace A TV?

It has an MSRP of only $99, and claims to be able to turn your computer into a complete entertainment center. With the GameBridge, your PC can play console games, and serve as a fully-featured TV. It can also record from a variety of sources, including gaming sessions, TV programs or any other video input. One interesting aspect of the GameBridge is that it was released by Adaptec, which has traditionally been known for high-end storage products.

The GameBridge is a tiny little box that interfaces your PC with an analog video source. Adaptec refers to it as the world's smallest TV tuner, since it includes a tuner that can turn your computer into a TV system, delivering all of the benefits of a personal video recorder (PVR). Hooking up video sources, such a video recorder or a game console to a PC is one thing, but being able to convert home videos or gaming sessions into MPEG2 videos, and archiving them on DVDs, is just plain cool.

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