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Kiss Powered Game Controller; All About Tongues

In an experimental project by Hye Yeon Nam, a kissing controller was developed to play a simple bowling game. The couple in the experiment was able to control the amount of power and directional angle of the ball by varying thrust and speed of their tongues.

In order to input the kissing data, a customized headset was worn by one participant and a special magnet was strapped to the tongue of the other participant. As the couple took part in a furiously passionate make out session, the magnet and headset recorded data that was relayed to the bowling game.

Although this definitely isn't the most practical of gaming controllers, it would be very interesting for any couple to experience. Who would've thought that it would be possible to play a video game and partake in a prolonged kissing session simultaneously? Let's just hope nobody takes this any further with a sex powered gaming controller.