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Game Boy, Ball Gets Into Toy Hall of Fame

The Game Boy was a revelation for gaming. It was the device that allowed gamers to take a screen, d-pad and buttons along with them wherever they went for portable gaming.

Playing Super Mario Land or Tetris on that monochromatic, puke-green screen provided many of us with soul-saving entertainment on otherwise boring outings.

Likely for that very reason, the Game Boy is now in the Strong National Museum of Play’s Toy Hall of Fame.

Also joining the Game Boy in the honors is the Big Wheel tricycle--wait for it--the amazing BALL! Yes, after centuries as a plaything, the ball finally has its recognition for being a wonderful toy.

Share with us in the comments your fond memories with your Game Boy, Big Wheel, or even your ball.

  • burn-e86
    I love playing with my balls....
    Had to be said.
  • maigo
    They started 11 years ago and someone just now points out that they FORGOT the ball
  • doomtomb
    The ball finally got into the Toy Hall of Fame? How can you have a TOY HALL OF FAME without the BALL.
  • insider3
    I have hall of Fame balls..
  • Onyx2291
    Wow, the ball should have been the first in there. Unless they are being specific about which ball.

    The Game Boy definitely deserves it. The highest sales ever out of all hand helds and consoles I believe.
  • monkeysweat
    but who's got the biggest balls of them all?
    we got the biggest balls of them all!
  • rooket
    My gameboy still works and I figured out you can use a soldering iron to fix all the dead lines in it. Only problem is I accidentally scratched the screen trying to repair it but it is barely noticable.
  • whitebush
    I suppose the WHEEL will get the Nobel Peace prize next...
  • the_krasno
    Balls. Gotta love them or hate them (?)
  • santeana
    Hmm... Didn't it come out right after the Atari Lynx? I think the lynx was much more of a "Revelation in gaming" than the gameboy was. Gameboy just had more money to be thrown into marketing and production. That's what really killed the lynx I think. Just an opinion though :)