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Samsung Galaxy Tab Gets Full Video Walkthrough

Last week Samsung held a media event in New York City announcing that the Galaxy Tab will be available through all four major U.S. carriers, as well as other news that it'll be in Canada through Rogers and Bell.

Sadly, there were no mentions of price or even a launch date for any of the carriers, and perhaps just as disappointing is that the U.S. versions won't have any voice capabilities.

The only thing we have now is a new promotional video from Samsung showing off the tablet's various uses, including an interesting insertion into a back pocket of mens' jeans, as well as video chat.


Samsung just released a 9-minute long demonstration of the many functions of the Galaxy Tab. Even though Google said that Froyo 2.2 isn't meant for tablets, Samsung's making a compelling argument that is with the Galaxy Tab. See it all below:

  • icepick314
    only thing that keeps me from getting this device is the size...

    I would like to be somewhere close to iPad size at 10" diagonal screen...

    7" seems a bit too small for my taste...

    Archos' upcoming pads are also interesting but it doesn't support Google Apps..

  • scook9
    Just like the iPad is a large ipod touch, this is just a large Android phone.....I see no reason to get this if I already have a Droid Incredible (which I do). After getting the Droid I even gave my girlfriend my ipod touch 32gb gen3 because I no longer had a use for it
  • apoq
    Does this count as a price info?
    It seems pretty clear how much it's going to be in the EU now, doesn't it?
  • ericburnby
    ROFL at the guy putting that monster into his pocket. He didn't even get it to go smoothly and I wonder how many takes they did.

    Maybe George Costanza can get one to put into his other back pocket so he won't sit crooked anymore.
  • zambutu
    I have an iPad and I wouldn't want anything smaller than that for tablet duties. It's nice that they could hold the tab in one hand and brush their teeth with the other or whatever, but the galaxy s phone would be far far more practical than their slate.
  • cadder
    It has all of the FORBIDDEN features- microSD slot, camera, flash. Haven't they been listening to Jobs???

    I think this is a good size for portability. I could fit it in my camera bag for travel. The 10" size would be better for use around the house. I guess that means people will have to buy both sizes.

    On my last out of town trip I left my laptop at home and relied totally on my iphone. It pretty much got the job done but the screen was too small for use like that. A 7" screen would have been much better.
  • SlickyFats
    I love that they are showing Sumsung Media Hub as a plus. Currently it is just wasting space on my phone since the service doesn't even work yet.
  • chunkymonster
    Shame voice service is not included in the US version or else I would jump on the Galaxy Tab bandwagon.

    Just makes me wonder how long it will take to jailbreak the Tab and/or be able to make voice calls in the US. If and when that happens...
  • milktea
    Great size for photographer on the go. I just wish they support plugging in a USB card reader so that people could back up their photos onto the Galaxy Tab.
  • SlickyFats
    milkteaGreat size for photographer on the go. I just wish they support plugging in a USB card reader so that people could back up their photos onto the Galaxy Tab.It does have a removable microSD card though, so that should work