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Galaxy Tab Gets Gorilla Glass Tested by Air Pistol

Gorilla Glass is the new trick material that gadget makers are using to make their screens. It's strong, tough, and far more scratch resistant than regular glass.

It's so strong that one brave Galaxy Tab owner decided to take his air pistol to the screen to see if it'd be able to repel the steel metal balls being shot at it.

UPDATE: Sadly it seemed that the owner of the videos didn't have what his pistols did and have removed the clips from his YouTube channel. If you come across alternate sources of the videos, please share links with us in the comments below!

Check out the video below to see this fearless guy shoot his balls at the Galaxy Tab's screen.

And if you think it was just a weak air pistol, see this other video below. It was certainly able to make short work of a drinking glass.

Source: Samsung Hub