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This Galaxy S8 Render Will Make You Want One Now

If this is the final design of the Galaxy S8, count us in. A new render of Samsung's upcoming flagship phone is making the rounds, piecing together the handset's many rumored features into a droolworthy picture that looks like it came straight from the phone maker itself.

Artist Benjamin Geskin, who has a reputation for realistic renders, created the photo based on some recent purportedly leaked images of the Galaxy S8. On the front of the phone, you can see the barely-there bezels that make way for the Galaxy S8's rumored Infinity display. The back panel is shiny and silver (possibly suggesting the return of glass), and shows the fingerprint reader placed neatly next to the rear camera.

A side view of the phone suggests that the S8 will be about as slim as the Galaxy S7 Edge. There's also a dedicated button for summoning Bixby, the S8's Siri-like personal assistant.

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While it's just a render, Geskin's image does a nice job collating the S8's various rumored specs into a high-quality image. We can only hope the final product looks just as slick.

The S8 will almost certainly look nicer and do more than its predecessors, and according to a new report, it might last longer, too. GSMArena notes that the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are expected to have battery capacities of 3,250-mAh and 3,750-mAh, respectively. That's a notable step up from the S7's 3,000-mAh battery and the S7 Edge's 3,600-mAh pack.

Previous Galaxy S8 rumors point to a sharp dual-lens camera,  a powerful new Snapdragon 835 processor and a special dock that would allow the phone to double as a PC. The speculation should be over fairly soon, as Samsung is expected to host a dedicated Galaxy S8 launch event in April.

Michael Andronico

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  • G0m3r619
    Not a fan of the edge. I hated it on my Note
  • Daekar3
    It's a shame to see such potential ruined by the edge screen. I don't know anyone who likes that feature given all the usability issues it comes with.