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Galaxy S8 Owners Already Complaining About This Problem

The Galaxy S8 is getting glowing reviews, but some pre-order customers who were lucky enough to get their handsets early don't feel so lucky today.

Some Galaxy S8 pre-orders are showing up with red screens. Credit: Korea Herald

(Image credit: Some Galaxy S8 pre-orders are showing up with red screens. Credit: Korea Herald)

An unknown number of Galaxy S8 owners are reporting that their screens are hobbled by a red tint, according to the Korea Herald. Even after fixing the color balance on the screen, the reddish tint was still there, and users are now saying that they don't know how to get rid of it.

In its conversations with "industry watchers," Korea Herald found that the problem might have something to do with improper color balance on the Galaxy S8's OLED display.

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Instead of employing red, green, and blue to create colors like an LCD, OLED panels use blue-green and red-green subpixels to create the screen's color balance. However, at times, the red might not be strong enough, forcing the display maker (in this case, Samsung) to boost the red to balance out the color. It's possible, Korea Herald's sources said, that Samsung went overboard.

Samsung announced the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ at a press event last month and plans to release the device on Friday. While Samsung and its carrier partners have promise that pre-order customers will get the handset on Friday (Apr. 21), some have apparently already received the device.

It's unknown how widespread the red screen problem might be, and for now, only a handful of those who pre-ordered a Galaxy S8 have reported the issue, so it's unclear whether it'll be a broader concern after Friday.

Korea Herald spoke to Samsung about the red screens. The company said that customers could change the color settings on their devices and it should be addressed. If not, they can turn in the handset at a service center and get a replacement. The company didn't say whether it's a known issue.

The news comes after Samsung caught the ire of some critics after revealing that the company's Bixby button couldn't be remapped and the physical button its side used for other functions. Instead, Samsung released a software update that ensured you're locked to activating Bixby with the feature.

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