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Galaxy S8 Price and New Color Leaked

Samsung is launching its Galaxy S8 smartphones on March 29, and now we've got a better idea of how much the flagships will cost.

The UK retailer MobileFun reportedly began taking presale orders for the 5.8-inch handset, priced at €799, which is currently converting to $844 US.

A Galaxy S8 concept design. Credit: iPhone-Crash/YouTube

(Image credit: A Galaxy S8 concept design. Credit: iPhone-Crash/YouTube)

If this pricing holds up, early adopters will pay even more than they did last year, as the S7 and S7 Edge started at $650 and $750, respectively. This news comes from a report on the tech news site Gadgets 360, which noted that this pricing lines up with previous rumors, which had the larger (6.2-inch) Galaxy S8 Plus version of the handset pegged at €899 ($949 US).

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Smartphone info leaker Roland Quandt believes Samsung will shake up the smartphone aesthetics we've become accustomed to. According to a tweet from Quandt, Samsung will sell the handset in a violet color, in addition to the standard Black and Silver designs.

How does Samsung expect to sell customers on such a steeply-priced upgrade? Both phones are expected to offer the dual-edge curved displays seen on the S7 Edge, fast new Snapdragon 835 processor and a new personal assistant called Bixby. Plus, the S8 will likely have an optional desktop dock that lets you run Android on a larger display, complete with mouse and keyboard support.

But wait, there's more.

South Korean newspaper Korea Economic Daily reports that Samsung will replace the iris-scanning tech found in the Note 7 with facial recognition technology. The paper quotes a Samsung official as saying the change is due to "some limits of iris scanning such as speed and accuracy," and that the new scanner "will take less than 0.01 seconds to unlock the phone."

Stay tuned to Tom's Guide for full coverage of the Galaxy S8's release.

  • redwings3030
    I'm wondering if Samsung will be offering any sort of discount for upgrading to the S8 Plus for all the people who unwillingly traded in their Note7 last year? I think it's the least they could do for their customers in the wake of that catastrophe. If they don't, I for one, will highly consider moving to a different brand. I've been loyal to Samsung for years, so let's see if they return the favor in kind.