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Samsung Spills Details on Galaxy S8's Guts

Samsung may have tipped its hands about processor plans for the Galaxy S8, with a teaser tweet for its next Exynos chip.

Samsung's next flagship phone is widely expected to run on a Snapdragon 835 in the U.S., the latest top-of-the-line processor unveiled by Qualcomm last month. But if Samsung sticks to its previous approach, the Galaxy S8 could also feature a different processor depending on which market Samsung sells the phone. Typically, that's been a Samsung-built Exynos processor.

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A tweet posted from the Samsung Exynos account may have just revealed exactly which Exynos CPU will be found in the Galaxy 8. The tweet tells users to "be ready for the next Exynos" It comes with an image of an Exynos chip and a caption that reads, "Discover cloud 9 with Exynos — coming soon."

Sammobile, which spotted the Samsung Exynos tweet, reports that the Exynos 8895 was thought to be the most likely alternative to the Snapdragon 835, succeeding the Exynos 8890. Judging by the tweet, Samsung appears to have moved on to its next-generation chip. Whether that means the CPU will offer more power and performance than originally planned or the company is simply using new branding to make it feel more important in its next flagship handset is unknown.

As for the Snapdragon 835, it's likely to be the CPU found in the versions of the Galaxy S8 released to the U.S. And earlier reports suggest that Samsung may have an exclusive window where the Galaxy S8 is the only phone to offer that Qualcomm CPU. That would mean other phone makers would have to offer devices powered by the Snapdragon 821 or wait until Samsung's exclusivity window closes.

For example, the LG G6 expected to be unveiled at this month's Mobile World Congress will likely feature the Snapdragon 821, according to reports, while the rumored HTC 11 smartphone may not arrive until mid-year so that it can feature the Snapdragon 835.

Whatever winds up happening in the mobile processor shuffle, this new Exynos leaks shines a fresh light on Samsung and its plans for the Galaxy S8. If anything is certain, Samsung seems committed to offering a high-end processor in its next flagship, and a 9-series Exynos to complement the Snapdragon 835 might offer it a way to do that.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 is expected to be unveiled in a late-March event in New York City. It'll likely hit store shelves in April.