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Galaxy S8 Leak Hints at Galaxy Note 8's Future

Samsung's Galaxy S8 could have been even better, according to a new leak. And the feature that didn't come to pass may wind up in the company's new flagship device.

An alleged working prototype of the Galaxy S8 has two cameras. Credit: KK

(Image credit: An alleged working prototype of the Galaxy S8 has two cameras. Credit: KK)

Eldar Murtazin, editor-in-chief at Russian gadget site Mobile-Review, has published two images from Asian leaker KK, purported to show a Galaxy S8 prototype with a dual-lens camera on the back. The lenses are arranged vertically instead of horizontally like on the iPhone 7 Plus, and don't sit alongside the fingerprint sensor that was unveiled with the actual Galaxy S8 line. BGR earlier reported on the leak.

A heart rate sensor and flash sit beneath the two lenses.

The prototype, which Murtazin said is a working model, is notable. Before Samsung announced the Galaxy S8, the company was rumored to be considering a dual-lens camera design to match the iPhone.

When the Galaxy S8 was actually unveiled, however, the company showcased a handset featuring a single lens. Samsung had also placed the fingerprint sensor to the right of that lens, prompting some to worry that it could cause some smudging problems when users tried to reach for the sensor.

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According to some reports Samsung had hoped to deliver a fingerprint sensor baked into the screen, but it didn't work properly, causing the company to ditch that plan and offer a standard, physical sensor.

Still, Murtazin argues that Samsung still might have use for the alternative design. While he didn't cite a source, he believes dual cameras are coming to the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, a device that Samsung is working on now and could find its way to store shelves over the summer.

According to several reports of late, the Galaxy Note 8 will also likely come with the Infinity Screen offered in the Galaxy S8, and might deliver a bigger screen than the giant 6.2-inch display equipped with the Galaxy S8+. It could be as large as 6.4 inches.

For now, then, we can only look at the leaked image and think about what might have been -- and perhaps, what could be.