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Galaxy S8 Drop Test Doesn't Go So Well

Getting a Galaxy S8 this month? For the love of all things holy, put it in a case when you do.

A new drop test video gives us a taste of just how durable Samsung's new flagship is, and, unsurprisingly, the Galaxy S8's gorgeous design will suffer a whole bunch of scratches and shatters if you don't cover it up properly.

YouTuber TechRax put the Galaxy S8 up against the iPhone 7 (specifically, the new red model) in a brief durability battle, and neither phone fared very well after hitting the pavement during a series of 5-foot drops.

Things started out promising for both phones, which only took minor scuffs when dropped on their sides. However, things took a grim turn once TechRax dropped both phones face-first on the ground.

The Galaxy S8 took a pretty big spill — the phone was still usable, but had a nasty, spiderweb-like crack across the entire screen and showed some nasty shattering around the edges. The iPhone 7 fared even worse; the screen shattered more severely than the S8, and the phone failed to turn on.

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None of this is a huge surprise — as beautiful and well-made as phones like the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 are, they're still going to shatter if they hit the ground with no protection, especially from 5 feet high. Fortunately, there are already a whole bunch of Galaxy S8 cases for sale, from super-rugged models to more subtle skins that won't obscure the S8's slick design.

For more on how the Galaxy S8 holds up in the real world, stay tuned for our full review.

  • Steve81818
    The Headline is misleading. The Galaxy S8 was damaged, but did significantly better than the iPhone in the test. This seems like typical biased media, mentioning the failure of the Samsung, but not the COMPLETE failure of the iPhone. How about "Galaxy S8 Suffers Damage, but beats iPhone 7 in Drop Test".
  • johnebgood
    The screen is made of glass and gravity is still a thing, who would have thought.
  • Dennis Furlan
    Steve8181 is exactly right. In fact, many of the tech headlines describe this drop test as a failure for the Galaxy S8, but the phone is still working, and the glass and screen cracked but didn't shatter, which is much better than how the iPhone 7 did. How isn't this fake news?
  • SafetyX
    What a completely biased article! I mean who cares about the iPhone being 100% unusable and broken. All we care about is that the Galaxy S8 has a cracked screen. I'm so tired of biased media these days...
  • Po____
    More like "doesn't do so badly" - I only have the guy's word for it that there are lots of cracks on the screen of the S8 because they weren't immediately visible. With the iPhone, on the other hand, it was VERY obvious that the screen had shattered.
  • TechyBen
    I almost dropped my Note 3 while watching this. Lol.