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Galaxy S8 Will Beat iPhone to This Big Feature (Report)

As the major flagships from Samsung, Google and Apple continue to look more and more similar, it will take something underneath the shell to make one of these devices stand out. According to reports, Samsung will have this kind of feature in store for the Galaxy S8's launch: Bluetooth 5.

Credit: Samuel C. Rutherford / Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Samuel C. Rutherford / Tom's Guide)

Bluetooth 5 promises to improve on previous iterations of the standard by delivering four times the range, twice the speed, and eight times the bandwidth of version 4.0. The new technology is also supposed to play better with other wireless devices and reduce signal interference, which is becoming more important in our ever-wireless world.

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If all of these claims come true, it could make for greater reliability in wireless headphones, which are becoming more popular despite a spotty history with connectivity. This will become even more important if the S8 ships without a headphone jack, which it may according to recent rumors.

We suspect the Galaxy S8 will support this new standard for two reasons. In its announcement of Bluetooth 5, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), of which Samsung is a member, said Bluetooth 5-enabled devices will be reaching you "within two to six months." That fits the S8's launch window, as we expect it to be announced in February 2017.

Secondly, a post made yesterday (Dec. 14) over on SamMobile notes that a source told blog "that there's a possibility" of Bluetooth 5.0 getting featured in the S8. If the S8 does in fact get Bluetooth 5.0, it will give the handset a healthy lead over its biggest competitor, as Apple typically launches its iPhones in the fall.

While Bluetooth 5 will likely benefit smartphones when it comes to wireless headphones, the new technology could also be a boon for smart home devices. That means that the S8 and other phones featuring Bluetooth 5 could communicate better with the connected appliances around us.