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This Galaxy S8 Rumor Will Make You Want One

By this time next year, Samsung's Galaxy S and Apple's iPhone could be nearly indistinguishable. Following reports that the upcoming Galaxy S8 might follow in the iPhone's footsteps by featuring dual speakers and nixing the headphone jack, a new rumor suggests that the next Galaxy could sport the same stunning all-screen design that's expected to grace the iPhone 8.

According to Bloomberg, the Galaxy S8 will feature a wraparound OLED screen with virtually no bezels, allowing you to see more content at a glance. The phone may nix its physical home button in favor of a virtual one, which Bloomberg says will be "buried in the glass in the lower section."

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Samsung is reportedly targeting a March release for its upcoming flagship, though the phone could see a delay to April. According to the report, Samsung is getting more rigorous about testing its products as a result of its failed Galaxy Note 7, which launched with a faulty, explosion-prone battery.

An all-screen Galaxy S8 seems like a logical next step for Samsung. The company's popular Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge feature curved displays that wrap around the edges, so the Galaxy S8 would further this concept by extending the screen to the entire front of the phone.

Whether it ends up being all-screen or not, the Galaxy S8 could sport a rich 4K display — a notable step up from the smartphone's usual quad-HD screens. Samsung's next flagship may also feature advanced Siri-like virtual assistants, a new dual-lens camera and significantly boosted performance. We should know more about the Galaxy S8 once Mobile World Congress 2017 rolls around in February, so stay tuned for official updates.