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Alleged Galaxy S6 Plus Leaks

Credit: Marques Brownlee

(Image credit: Marques Brownlee)

Is the Galaxy S6 going big? According to a new leaked image, Samsung's latest flagship smartphone could soon be supersized into a phablet-like frame.

The leak comes by way of popular YouTuber, Marques Brownlee (better known as MKBHD), who quickly teases the image at the end of a video that showcases the HTC One M9+. The image in question displays a phone that looks nearly identical to the Galaxy S6 Edge, with a shiny silver chassis and the same curved display that spills out into the sides.

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However, this version of the S6 Edge appears to tout a beefier, 5.5-inch display, which is notably larger than the original phone's 5.1-inch screen. This could very well be Samsung's rumored Project Zero 2 device, which, according to Android Authority, could be a new type of phablet with an optional keyboard cover. 

The decision to make a phablet-sized Galaxy S6 Edge would be a peculiar one, as Samsung's Galaxy Note and Note Edge devices already cater to the big-phone crowd. Perhaps this new S6 Edge will serve as the next version of the Note Edge, a phone whose curved display has more second-screen features than its smaller S6 counterpart.

The Galaxy S6 is currently our favorite overall smartphone, thanks to its attractive design, stunning 16-camera and eye-popping quad HD display. We expect to learn more about the company's next wave of mobile devices, including a possible Galaxy Note 5, by the time IFA 2015 rolls around in September.

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